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Guards are the backbone of practically any company, structure, or facility they are tasked with protecting. Similarly, DG Services offer security guard service to warehouses.

However, how well-versed are you in the plethora of duties that go along with being a security guard? If you don’t work in the industry, you’re probably unaware of the entire scope of it.

Thorough knowledge of the tasks of a security guard is essential for anyone considering a career in this profession. If a person is unable to perform all of the tasks of a security officer, they may not be qualified for the position. As a result, below is a quick rundown of all the duties that a security guard may be expected to perform.

1. Write Reports

An unarmed security guard’s duties might be interpreted in a variety of ways. A security guard’s most underappreciated duty is to write reports. Security guards are on duty to keep a record of everything that happens in the event of an emergency. You never know if anything you see as strange will be crucial in the future. In other words, security officers must keep complete logs of everything that happens throughout their shifts.

2. Traffic Management

As a security guard, you may find yourself in charge of directing traffic at various points throughout the day. When a security officer is at the cost of keeping order and security at a busy location or during a big event, directing guests to the correct location is essential to the job.
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3. Control and Monitor Massive Crowds

As a security officer, crowd control is an everyday responsibility. Any form of mass gathering could be the setting for this type of activity. Security guards must monitor crowds to ensure they don’t spiral out of control when emotions and energy levels are high.

4. Provide Instructions and Guidance

It’s easy to overlook that a security officer’s job description also includes helping others. A security guard’s ability to communicate crucial safety information to the public is essential.

5. Assisting Guests

Security guards do a lot of vital work, but not all are action-packed or fast-paced. A security guard may be stationed at a building’s entry, in which case part of their work is to ensure the entrance’s security while also assisting visitors.

6. Keep an Eye on the APS.

Specific locations’ access points may be managed by security personnel under certain circumstances. Security guards are on duty at some schools and hospitals to ensure that only those with a legitimate purpose to be there are permitted to enter the premises. When it comes to high-profile sites where there is some security risk, the same is true

7. Preventing Crime

It’s one of the most crucial security officer’s responsibilities to deter crime by just being in the vicinity. Vandalism and theft can be prevented simply by having a security person present. It’s the same reason police officers walk their beat and go out into the neighborhood rather than waiting to be summoned to a crime scene. Maintaining order and preventing crimes before they may be done by having a security guard on duty.

8. Be on the Lookout for Suspicious Behavior

Although it may appear unclear, a security guard’s job typically consists of nothing more than being present and keeping an eye out. A security guard should be able to notice anything strange or out of the norm that is taking place. If something is out of the ordinary, it could mean something is wrong, or a person needs help. However, even if this isn’t the case, it’s ideal if a security guard investigates anything out of the ordinary. As long as it’s something they’re aware of, it’s okay. So security guards must be mindful of their surroundings and have an acute sense of sight and hearing to do their job. Is your Warehouse in Riverside? DG Services provides security services at the riverside. Riverside unarmed guards can also be hired through our website.

9. Contact the Law Enforcement Agencies

A security officer’s job doesn’t necessitate them performing everything on their own all the time. An emergency or situation a security guard can’t handle is the responsibility to notify the proper authorities. There is a good chance that they will be able to call for help faster than an ordinary citizen. Once they realize they can’t handle a crisis on their own, security guards should instinctively seek backup.

10. Prevent Thieves from Stealing

Because warehouses are such popular targets for thieves, you’ll want to hire a security guard to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity. Security guards should have a process to prevent employees from stealing from the company. Security guards must scan the warehouse’s items to see whether someone is trying to hide anything. To prevent intruders from entering the warehouse, security guards must be well educated. You and the police will be informed as soon as the robbers are caught.

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