8 Important Tips To Improve Your Security Guard

March 18, 2023by admin

As a respected security guard service provider, there are a lot of aspects you need to discern to ensure you deliver quality services that meet clients’ expectations. When businesses hire any security guard company, they expect a quality performance they can rely on during their bad days.


Demanding skills set, professionalism, and friendly approach are the prime reasons clients repeatedly use the same services.


The question arises here: What are you offering that makes your security services stand out? Do you have the right team with demanding skills? Below are top-rated tips to improve your services and stand out from the rest.


Review the Training:

If you are unsated with the quality of service, your guards are delivering; then there is a need to review the training. Even though most candidates hold training certificates and licenses, they need to be trained to mold them into your style. Be clear about the following questions while reviewing the training criteria;

  • Who was the supervisor during the training sessions?
  • How long was each guard trained?
  • Can their post orders be used for training?
  • Where was the training held?


Perform Regular Inspections:

Visiting the property unannounced after standard business hours is one of the appropriate ways to check how the guards perform when you are not around. Inquire the security guards about their responsibilities to ensure they know their duties.


It would be even better to conduct an audit by a third-party security consultant. However, the third-party examiner should be affiliated with any firm for promising results.

Be Familiar With Security Measures:

With the speed of technology advancing, it is crucial to familiarize your security guard service with the latest technology. It helps control the condition round the clock and prevent further damage the property, people, and assets.

The security team should know the procedures and protocols to follow during security breaches, including fire outbreaks, mass shootings, pocket-picking, and harassment. Moreover, armed security guards should know when and how to use force.


Verify Guards’ Qualification:

Every security guard must pass certain training programs before earning a certificate and license. Before verifying guards’ qualifications, find out your state’s regulations. Now double-check the candidates meet the qualification criteria.


Hiring security guards with improper qualifications can involve you in legal complications. The businesses or the state can accuse you of offering unauthorized security guard services. Have an initial interview before assigning them their duties.


Always Carry Safety Gears:

Even if the patrolling area is low-risked, the security guards should carry safety gear since things can take a turn at any moment. Having safety gear 24/7 helps protect the surroundings against the unexpected.


The must-to-carry safety gear includes a flashlight, pepper spray, baton, and radio for an unarmed security guard. In contrast, an armed security guard can carry a firearm along with the rest.


Regularly Meet With Contractors:

Another best way to improve your security services is by regularly meeting the contractors. You don’t have to schedule a formal meeting; a simple phone or online conference call will also work. The primary goal of the meeting is to ask for feedback.


Both parties can address topics including customer input, responses from any offsite supervision systems, officer retention, and the outcomes of the auditing process throughout the sessions.

Provide Appropriate Clothing:

Most security companies in the USA provide their security guards with appropriate clothing for security guard service. The security risks can be high or low, depending on where the guard is patrolling.


Providing the security guards with appropriate clothing for high-risk areas helps keep them secure so they can perform confidently. While providing the uniforms, ensure it doesn’t restrict physical movement and fit properly.


Moreover, only some businesses accept uniforms from security companies. Some prefer providing the guards with their business uniforms. In this case, be clear about the terms. 


Evaluate The Supervision Protocols:

Once you assign the security guards their patrolling area, you won’t know what they are doing at their back unless you hire a contractor who supervises their activities remotely. In the absence of a supervisor, the security guards perform unmotivated and inadequately.


Moreover, when the security guards aren’t supervised, they develop bad habits like tardiness and stealing. Hire a supervision contractor to monitor the guards’ activities remotely. The contractor will provide you with an activity log at the end of the day. Moreover, he keeps guiding the guards about workplace rules and regulations.


The mentioned 8 tips are worth trying if you want to improve your security guard service and build a trusted and friendly relationship with your clients. Remember, the more reliable services you provide, the more the clients will come to you repeatedly. Consider hiring a supervision contractor to keep an eye on the malicious activities of the security guards.