How Unarmed Security Guards are Effective

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When deciding on security guards, it is a tough choice most of the time. With so many security services available, it is a dilemma to consider the right security guard for your location. Deciding between armed and unarmed security can also get quite tricky. But in today’s time and age, homes, and businesses are vulnerable. Having a security company to look after your building, home or any other sort of property can make a huge difference. According to the statistics, it shows that crime is on rising and criminals mostly target residential complexes and/or commercial buildings that are not having any kind of security guards. On the other hand, criminals do not dare stay around properties that are well-equipped with the latest security systems.

In addition to this, the criminals not only step ahead of the security system and policies, but they are also growing bolder. In the past, the sight of security cameras was used to scare away most criminals but in today’s world, these things do not matter for them as they can breach anyway. Due to such concerns, the business and residential owners are now moving to security companies as it is becoming the best possible option for them.

So, when it comes to providing physical protection, smart business owners know the importance of taking measures to prevent threats and risks before they actually occur. Keeping this thing into consideration – hiring unarmed security guards is one of the most effective ways and best choices to protect yourself from these common threats that your home or business faces. From robberies, vandalism, burglary to even workplace violence, having the presence of unarmed security guards has proven to prevent criminals from attempting to target your home or business.

Most professional security companies have supplemented law enforcement for several years. In the US today, many home and business owners claim that the presence of unarmed guards is more effective when it comes to preventing crime than high-tech security systems. We, at Direct Guard Services, help home and business owners like yourself by providing them with professional and highly trained unarmed security guards to aid in the protection of their most important assets.

In this article, we will show the benefits of hiring unarmed security guards to ensure that your home and business are safe.

Benefits of Unarmed Security Guards

Unarmed security guards are highly skilled professionals who provide many benefits to residential complexes and businesses of all sizes and across all the industries out there. Sometimes, the presence only can help a lot in reducing the probability of an unwanted criminal activity which further increases the feelings of employees, customers, visitors, and family members and they stay safe.

As a house, business owner or manager who is responsible for the security of a property, it is critical that you consider the many benefits of unarmed security guards. Although there are many advantages to hiring unarmed security guards, in this article, we are going to discuss two main benefits you get from unarmed guards.

Presence of a Dedicated Security Reduces Risk

In today’s tech-enabled world, it is very difficult to rely on in-house security in order to eliminate all of your security risks. Most often what happens is that businesses do not learn about security threats until it is very late. Security cameras, surveillance systems, and other security technologies can still leave you vulnerable to certain threats – these are valuable but you cannot only rely on them. Therefore, it is crucial that businesses take security seriously and hire well-trained and professional unarmed guards to secure the premises.

One of the only and main jobs of unarmed security guards is to protect your home, business, and the people working/living in it – nothing else. These guards not only deter crime by being present at the property, but they can also watch suspicious activities and unwanted incidents to prevent crime from happening in the first place. Unarmed guards are especially effective at managing your entry points to prevent the theft of valuable property and to ensure that unauthorized guests do not gain any kind of access to enter.

Unarmed Security Guards at Affordable Rates

With unarmed security guards, you get the unarmed security services of your needs at an affordable price. On the other hand, armed guards are a little more expensive security solution because of their equipment, so that adds further expense and forces more than many homes or businesses actually need. Moreover, the armed security guards require special licenses and training in order to carry and use firearms, all of which costs more for your business.

Additionally, sometimes the presence of a firearm on the premises increases the potential risk that might cause a serious injury or even death to occur on your property. This may increase your insurance costs in addition to the higher costs of the guards themselves.


Now let’s look into what you need to know when hiring unarmed security services.


Hiring a Security Company For Your Home: What You Need to Know

The first thing to know is the cost – you should educate yourself about the cost before even hiring them. It means that you either pay guards personally or hire a security company, and the company gives you more options than the personal security guards.

When working with a security guard company, you have to ensure that they are capable enough to protect your home and business based on your needs. Now the problem here is that sometimes hiring personal unarmed security guards on late night shifts, where guards are more likely to fall asleep, disappear, or show up late when they’re not supervised.

If you have finally decided to hire a security company to protect your home and business, take these steps to get the most value from your investment:

  • Verify that the security company is properly licensed for security work if you live in a state where licensing is available. If you want your guards armed, that requires additional licensing.
  • Look for security companies that have previous security or law enforcement experience. Hiring former police officers will cost you more money, but you can be sure of their level of experience.
  • Consider placing electronic sensors around your property that your companies check using an electric wand. The wand keeps track of when each sensor is hit, and this allows you to keep track of your guard’s movements if you aren’t sure that he/she is patrolling the property effectively. The materials and software to do this add to your cost, but it can provide additional peace of mind.
  • Research any security companies you’re thinking of hiring. Talk to other clients that have worked with that company in the past and find out how satisfied they were with the company’s performance.
  • Sign a short-term agreement with a security company, if possible, to give yourself a trial run before you commit to anything long-term.
  • Read every line of any security contract before signing it, and make sure you know how to get out of it if you are not happy with the services provided.


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