How Security is Guarding and monitoring premises?

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Communities deeply depend on well-trained security officials to protect their homes, workplaces, businesses, etc. People expect these patrolling officers to take care of their personal properties and belongings, gatekeep the areas they live in, keep a thorough check on the CCTV cameras to avoid possible criminal activity at all costs.

These security officials are required to be alert and diligent at all times and possess special skills to fulfill their duties. They are also required to have immense strength to counter any danger if there may be. Some roles may be different of a security service from that of another, however, below are some of the commonalties that make it easier for us to understand the similar roles of all security guards.

Common duties of Security services

  1. Secure the premises

Generally, security guards are meant to be the frontal force when it comes to protecting residential areas, buildings, workplaces, and malls from any unusual activity. Security guards prevent crimes firsthand and avoid illegal activity from happening in the first place. Unlike the police officers that get involved after a crime has already taken place in a certain area.

In short, security guards take all security measures to prevent unwanted activity and the police have warrants to arrest or detain criminals.

Protecting an area requires many steps.

For example:

  • Making rounds in an area:

One of the ways in which security officials make sure the public spaces are safe is by making rounds 24/7 and keeping a check of any suspicious or criminal activity such as robbery, fire, or any other situation that could be harmful.

  • Monitoring the premises

Security guards know it is not necessary for disturbances to occur on a daily basis but still look after the areas they are required to protect and make sure they are secure. Public spaces such as residential areas, business meetings, celebrations, etc. include hundreds or even thousands of people who deserve to be monitored.

The security service guards are required to maintain order and prevent any chaos from occurring right from the start.

Control the access

Guards need to make sure they check passes and IDs of employees and visitors in the workplaces and at the same time, they expect all of these individuals to cooperate with them. This only lets the authorized people gain access to secure areas.

  1. Inspect areas

Security guards are expected to inspect offices, schools, residential areas and malls with large amounts of people present. These guards are meant to thoroughly check if the emergency exits are secured and there is no sign of risk.

  1. Log management

As per a security service’s point of view, logs are meant to deliver an emergency call that something illegal is occurring in a certain area. These logs are required to be maintained at all times because of how efficient they are in helping security guards to identify any unusual activity.

  1. Stay secure

Security guards’ basic responsibility is to make sure they are secure and their fellow guards are too. Threats and risks occur unexpectedly and with them increasing, it has become important for the guards to make sure they are personally secure.

They get close to you by letting you know their strategies and discussing with you how important it is for them to have you all cooperate with them. Other than that, in workplaces, while the staff is busy doing their jobs, security personnel is to make sure the workplace is secured and is a safe environment for them to work in.

  1. Protect their assets

Security officials have a major role in assisting businesses to prevent losing their valuable assets and keep them safe. A business’ assets are so important for the functionality and success of the business in case of a setback in the future of the business, therefore, if the businesses and their owners are responsible enough, they should know how important it is to hire security guards.

  1. Observing and reporting

Alongside other responsibilities, a safety guard should make sure they note down all their observations and report them. They are also meant to inform of any unusual activity to the managers, owners, supervisors of the working place they have been hired by.

Reporting to the law enforcement or emergency protocols on time in case of things get out of hand is extremely necessary.

  1. Responsive and deliberate

Security guards should possess qualities of leadership, teamwork and have good direction when crises are undergoing. Most times, security guards are well equipped and trained enough to handle difficult situations but at times when more assistance is required because of the severity of the situation, it is the security guards’ responsibility to report to the police or law enforcement at the earliest.

The security guards are the only link through which other concerned authorities get to know about what is happening. They are also required to report incidents such as robbery, damage of property, etc.

  1. Be communicative

Being good at communication is equally important for a security service guard just as much as patrolling areas is. People stay focused when they know the security services around them are doing what it takes to keep everyone safe. They are so effective when it comes to communication and make sure everyone’s personal belongings are safe.

  1. Damage Control

Security guards hired by businesses should teach instruct them how to handle troubling situations on their own as much as they can. They should provide safety instructions to the staff on how to react when there is an intruder and how to evacuate a building in case of a fire breaking out.

The Security Services should advise the people to never wait out if they sense any unusual activity. Reassurance is very important in order to erase fears.

  1. Control traffic

Alongside other things, they have to be able to control traffic by reminding the public of their safety and carrying out procedures to maintain security.

The security guards are meant to look into the causes of accidents and provide the drivers with utmost assistance. They should also be able to dissolve chaotic behaviors and situations that can cause disruptions.

  1. Manage the Crowd

It is vital for security guards to be present in crowds and also their parking areas where disruption is possible. To ensure these crowded places are kept safe, the guards have to monitor all areas to prevent any danger.

Security services have to be trained effectively because it requires huge responsibility and no margin for mistakes.






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