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4 Common Misunderstandings Regarding Security Guard Services

Most people believe that a security guard uniform can only be worn by men. Then there are those who imagine a security guard as having a gloomy expression on their face. Some even believe they were not born with the ability to interact properly with others. Another prevalent misconception is that a security guard is a slacker who spends all of his time eating.

If you’re one of them, you have a misunderstanding regarding security guards. Thanks to TV shows, supposition, and pure imagination, such myths have been created.

To assist you to learn more about the security companies in the USA, we’ve debunked some popular security guard myths. So let’s get right into it and review the 4 common misunderstandings regarding security guard services with Fire Watch Company.


Common Myths regarding Security Guard Services:


  1. There isn’t a Single Female Security Guard. Guards Are All Men

It goes without saying that the industry is controlled by men. But that doesn’t rule out the possibility of a woman in this field. According to a poll conducted by the US Department of Labor, women make up 23% of security professionals. In addition, the need for female security guards is increasing in the United States. While the presence of a female security officer makes clients feel safer, most security companies hire them to add variety to their roster.


  1. Only Muscular and Beefed Individuals Can Become a Security Guards

While a security guard’s physical appearance helps dissuade troublemakers, observational skills and mental presence are more crucial. Then a powerful, intimidating-looking guard may not be appropriate for a corporate setting. A guard who can assist consumers and has a “welcoming” appearance is preferred in the retail sector. The secret is that the abilities and temperament of the security guard are more significant than their physical appearance.


  1. Security Guards Do Not Require Any Training

Before any law enforcement agency, security guards are your first line of defense. It’s also not fun to be in charge of someone’s safety. A security guard is expected to be well-trained and well-organized in order to deal with a wide range of situations. They are more than a person who holds a baton in their hand. They have been trained in client reporting, response, and handling. A security guard is a professional who must adhere to a set of rules and regulations. A security guard must be trained, qualified, and licensed in each state. Some states require a guard to complete 40 hours of training before obtaining licensure.


  1. Security Guards Are Slackers With Dull Jobs:

If security guards are slackers, no one will pay them to protect them. They are expected to be awake and active. This misunderstanding is mostly due to television productions depicting them as snoring on the stool or munching on snacks in the monitor room. Another thing to note is that their work is not monotonous. They are expected to be watchful since they never know when they would have to prepare for an unfavorable situation. Furthermore, security service providers have a variety of options for increasing the productivity of their security guards.



Other than this, one of the most known misconceptions regarding unarmed security guards or any type of security guard service is that it is Expensive to Hire Security Guards. However, the presence of security guards is not limited to high-ranking officials or large institutions.

Many security guard businesses offer low-cost services. Security professionals can be hired by even modest business owners. In addition, the expense of hiring a security guard isn’t prohibitively expensive when compared to the possibility of damage or break-ins.

Final Verdict

Thus, we can conclude the topic of the misunderstandings regarding security guards’ services as Security guards are present in every establishment or institution. At the entrance to any commercial establishment, security personnel greets us. We may assume we know what they do because we see them, but chances are we all have illusions about security guards. The way their employment is portrayed on television has affected these preconceptions about them. Some of those statements are correct in terms of their role, but not all of them are.


This misperception may arise in your thoughts, particularly if you aren’t used to seeing women as security guards in the restaurants and commercial locations where you frequent. Although the security industry is still largely dominated by men, there are now a significant number of women working in the field. Hiring women as security officers help to shatter prejudices and promote equality through breaking stereotypes and impartiality.


Did you figure out what yours was by going over all of the above-mentioned misconceptions? These misunderstandings can be prevented if we do our bit to learn more about what they do before jumping to assumptions.


Now with all your misunderstandings cleared you will find yourself in a position of trusting and truly understanding not only the true nature and importance of security guard service but also the major role that it plays in our daily lives.

If you are willing to look forward to hiring the best security guard services in the USA, then look no forward as Fire Watch Company is the best in business that can provide you with the most skilled and trained security guard individual that will allow you to feel secure with ease of mind.

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