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Firewatch security guards play a vital role in protecting buildings and other structures from the threat of fire. However, this job also comes with several challenges and issues that can make it difficult for guards to perform their duties effectively. From injury risks to communication issues, these problems can significantly impact the mental and physical well-being of firewatch security guards, and it is important to understand and address these issues to support the guards in their important work.

This article highlights some common issues firewatch security guards encounter and key tips to resolve them.

 What Are The Major Problems Faced By Fire watch Security Guards?

 1-Physical demands

 Fire watch security guards may be required to patrol large areas, which can be physically demanding. They may need to carry heavy equipment or climb stairs, which can be challenging for some individuals.

Similarly, they often work long hours and may be on call 24/7. This leads to fatigue, as staying alert and attentive all the time is daunting. This negatively impacts their ability to perform their duties effectively.

 2-Coping with Stress

Fire watch security guards are responsible for the safety and well-being of others, which is a high-stress job. Any negligence can lead to injuries and loss of lives. Therefore, they are heavily responsible for protecting people’s lives and properties. They may also be required to deal with difficult or dangerous situations, adding to their stress levels .If stationed in an area with a high crime rate, they have to combat serious criminals and may even face violent attacks. This is also very stressful for these guards and makes it difficult to perform their duties effectively.

 3-Working in Harsh Environments

Fire watch security guards must work in harsh environments, such as in extreme heat or cold, or during natural disasters like flooding or heavy snow. They must tolerate all these conditions and report on time while on duty. There is no relief, even in extreme weather conditions. Likewise, they can be posted to different locations. Some of which can be far-flung areas from the main city. The unfamiliarity with the sites makes it difficult for them to identify potential threats. Plus, they also feel lonely and isolated. All these factors lead to emotional disturbances, confusion and distress.

 4-High-Risk and Unsafe Job

Firewatch security guards are responsible for various duties that may not be safe. These include patrolling the perimeter of a building, checking fire alarms, responding to smoke alarms and fire emergencies, evacuating buildings, etc. These activities are risky, and if proper precautions are not taken, like wearing protective gear, which includes helmets, safety glasses, and boots.

They may even have to face physical violence from individuals trying to gain unauthorized access to a building or property. This could include physical assault, battery, or even weapons attacks.

 5-Technology Challenges

Complex security systems, such as surveillance cameras and innovative alarms, are important for firewatch security guards to perform their job efficiently. If they are not familiar with these systems, it can be challenging to perform their duties effectively. This factor also leads to communication challenges for security officers. They must connect with various people, including other security guards, building staff, and emergency responders. If they are not comfortable using modern communication devices, they fail to communicate and coordinate with others, thus leading to delays in emergency responses and poor performance.

 6-Limited Resources

Firewatch security guards may need access to the necessary equipment, resources or hi-tech technology to protect the property effectively. These may include:

  • Two-way radios or mobile phones for communication with other guards and dispatch
  • Surveillance cameras and monitoring equipment
  • Alarm systems and intrusion detection technology
  • GPS tracking devices for monitoring the guards’ movements and ensuring they are patrolling the designated areas
  • Body-worn cameras for recording incidents and collecting evidence
  • Computer or tablet for logging incidents, writing reports, and accessing security information
  • Personal protective equipment such as pepper spray, batons, and firearms

If they do not receive the resources and support they need from their employer or client, they may not be able to provide the desired level of security from fire hazards.

7-Lack of Training

Firewatch security guards often do not receive adequate training to handle specific situations, and this leads to various negative consequences such as; inability to respond to emergencies, poor fire prevention measures, inadequate evacuation procedures, lack of knowledge of fire codes and regulations etc.Thus, proper training is crucial for firewatch security guards to ensure the safety of building occupants and property in the event of a fire. Moreover, firewatch security guards may be called upon to respond to medical emergencies such as heart attacks or injuries, so they must be trained to provide basic first aid or CPR.

8-Limited Knowledge of Safety Regulations and Protocols

Fire watch security guards must have a thorough understanding of fire safety regulations and be able to apply them in their work. Also, they must follow protocols and procedures to ensure they perform their duties correctly and safely. With inadequate knowledge in these areas, they may be held accountable for not following the rules or for injuries and damages that may occur on the property due to improper education.

 Tips To Resolve the Issues Faced by Firewatch Guards

To resolve the issues encountered by firewatch security guards, it is important to establish clear protocols and procedures for them to follow. This includes providing proper training and equipment, such as fire extinguishers and radios, and regularly reviewing and updating safety protocols. Also, managers should ensure that fire watch guards are properly rotated to prevent burnout and give adequate breaks and rest periods. Communication is also key so firewatch guards can easily report any issues or concerns to their superiors. By addressing these problems head-on, fire watch guards can feel more confident and secure in their roles, leading to a safer and more efficient work environment.


You cannot deny that firewatch security guards strive hard to keep your property and people safe from dangerous fire incidents and threats. Therefore, ignoring their problems will be unfair to these officers. They are our protectors, so security companies should adopt proper measures to resolve their issues so they can work comfortably and effectively.

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