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At Direct Guard Services, a top-rated security guard service in California, we offer a variety of professional security services to fit whatever you may be looking for. We are happy to offer free consultations. With this process, a qualified security consultant will talk through what your security concerns and requirements are. At DGS we offer proposals with competitive pricing and in-person follow-up meetings. When you decide to hire our services, Direct Guard will provide you with regular updates including daily activity reports, incident reports, live photo updates, and more. We strive to protect humans, property, and assets with fully trained & licensed security guards. From patrol using golf carts to Armed Security Guards, we are there to protect in any way you need.

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    Unarmed Security Guard

     For security guard services in Los Angeles, Direct Guard Services offers services with highly-trained unarmed security guards. To help you understand what we do before you commit to any service, we want you to know that we offer a free consultation, a proposal with a reasonable quote, on-site meetings, personalized security plans, daily updates, and total quality management. 

    Unarmed security officers are often a valuable solution in stopping crimes such as vandalism or robbery. At Direct Guard Services we strive to provide security and protection to our valued customers as we understand most scenarios are ever the same. At Direct Guard Services we assess each project and client individually to provide the best service. If you want customers to feel safe at your business, our unarmed security services may be the best fit for you, your facility, and your organization. Feel free to contact us for more information, get a security guard services quote, and allow us to give you a feeling of safety and relief as we protect what you work hard for.

    Armed Security Guard

    As the top armed security guard company in Southern California, we provide armed security guards who are credentialled, remarkably trained, and licensed to carry firearms. Direct Guard Services is committed to keeping your business safe. While we hope to never use our weapons, in rare instances, armed security guards can reduce the loss of life or prevent it. Furthermore, they can prevent other truly significant tragedies by solely guarding the area. Armed guards can be there to make your school, business, or community safe from danger.  For additional information on our armed security guard services, call us and receive a free quote.

    direct guard armed security guard california

    Fire Watch Security Guard

    Direct Guard Services fully equipped and licensed security guards are also trained as fire watch security guards. We diligently use logs with our services. 

    Direct Guard Firewatch security guards are required to login to the fire watch log every half hour. The log is required by the fire marshal for analysis and will stay at the property for management. Furthermore, Direct Guard Services provides a multitude of security arrangements, and these services specific for fire watch:

    • Establish and make reports as advised, distinctively in a handwritten fire logbook. This is generally provided by the client or Direct Guard Services. 
    • Directly report any type of hazards to all management.
    • Be truly and thoroughly familiar with the region which the fire marshal designated as a fire hazard.
    • Every half-hour, patrol the designated areas.
    • As guards, remain on duty until properly relieved. 

    Direct Guard Services will ensure that our highly trained guards and officers will follow all post orders along with our team offering a trial basis, 24/7 account management and dispatch, vivid radio communication, and submitting a daily activity report. Call us at Direct Guard Services for a free quote today. 

    Foot, Bike & Golf Cart Patrol

    At Direct Guard Services, we get that security is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. All businesses, organizations, and properties will need specific and unique safety requirements. This can change whether we are protecting a large venue, a small residential home, or a storefront or business.

    At Direct Guard Services, we understand that security is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. Separate businesses and properties will need differing and unique safety measures. This need can change if our clients and partners are safeguarding a larger venue, a modern residential home, a storefront or business, or a huge distribution warehouse.

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    Direct Guard Services has changed and grown with the present requirements in the security market. Our team here at Direct Guard Services is pleased to have more than 10 years of combined expertise in the security industry.

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