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State of the art Technology (DirectTrack) for all Security Guard Services


Direct Guard Services officers are trained and qualified in providing detailed reports to our customers, live tracking, online reporting, and all from the convenience of your customized client portal access (DirectTrack). Our dispatch team is constantly monitoring all of the hourly reports to verify they have been completed. Our dispatch team operates around the clock so they are always affirming our guards have provided us with accurate update information for our customers.

We offer a wide selection of solutions out of our digital reporting app to flexible days and hours.   We pride ourselves on our capability to work together with our customers to find the best approach to deal with their concerns. Our operations team will personally survey your property with you and discuss the most effective options for securing your investment decision. Our security professionals can establish customer and location-specific article orders to satisfy your needs. We partner with you which means you are wholly involved with your accounts from setup moving forward.

The best technology for our customers:

  • Time and attendance tracking
  • GPS Location
  • Effective communication through our apps directly to our officers
  • Customizable reports and tracking for your property
  • 24/7 dispatch
  • Reports in real-time

Convenient Client Portal Access is Just One of the Many Options We Supply to Our Customers

We provide convenient client portal access, guided report writing, email everyday activity reports, real-time tracking, and a whole lot more. The reporting app is used as an instrument to assist with information you may want as a customer.  Coupled with clocking in and out guards will be required to submit hourly reporting. This may be completed via the app. Yet, security guards will have a link they can report with if for any reason the phone or tablet is down. The online reporting will always offer documented proof for any questions that might come up.  

We will continue to bring the most innovative and upgraded technology to our customers as it is learned by us. Your dedicated account manager will soon be available to assist with any questions or even to help direct you so you can get the most out of the services that are available for your requirements. Direct Guard Services will continue to cultivate together with our customers to meet all their needs in addition to providing the newest and most useful technology solutions.  

The most up-to-date Technology for all Security Guard Services

In today’s constantly changing world, technology is one of many things we at Direct Guard Services use to provide greater security guard services to our clients and partners. We pride ourselves on providing the very best and latest technology to our customers. We adjust with each current technological change so you don’t have to. We pride ourselves on providing the most current technology so that you as the client can rest assured you have been provided the best service & most advanced technological potential. Our trained security guards will offer step by step hourly reports together with information and pictures to help you have full use of the knowledge if needed. The security guards are all trained on how to make the best use of the newest and most effective technology to supply you with the best service available.   

Like many other industries and business sectors, technology is reshaping security, not by removing personnel with cameras or robots but by aiding humans to work more efficiently and productively. A majority of Direct Guard Services officers carry smartphones and tablets that allow them to upload live reports and check their responsibilities and duties for each post they are on. Technology integrated with skilled personnel creates an effective and efficient security experience.  

By embracing technology and encouraging our staff to do the same, we’ve empowered our personnel and developed new opportunities. Our staff can verify their schedules and their paychecks online, download benefits documentation, and complete professional success courses. We’ve seen a substantial improvement in the aptitude of our security officers in the past 10 years which is a trend that benefits Direct Guard staff and our clients. Contact us now and get a free consultation.

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Direct Guard Services has changed and grown with the present requirements in the security market. Our team here at Direct Guard Services is pleased to have more than 10 years of combined expertise in the security industry.

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