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What are the duties and responsibilities of unarmed security guard officers?

Security guards are the most vital personnel in a public place. They are seen patrolling around the shopping malls, business plazas, parks, and schools to maintain safety and order in these public places. Their main purpose is to ensure the safety of citizens in that particular place. We often assume that all these security guards must be armed and carry firearms and guns. But that is not always the case. Most of the private and patrolling security guards are unarmed. Let us take a look at some of the duties and responsibilities of the unarmed security guards in San Bernadino, California.

Prevention of crime:

The main reason for hiring security guards is the prevention of crimes. When we go to a public place and a security guard is stationed there, we feel particularly safer. The mere presence of a security guard causes a deterrence of crime because a criminal is most probably not going to commit a crime in front of a security officer. Most of these officers are unarmed. their duty is the prevention of crime rather than responding to the crime. The visibility of security officers around premises reduces the occurrence of criminal activities.

Gatekeeping services:

One of the most important duties performed by the unarmed security guards is gatekeeping. These guards are stationed outside a building or an establishment and control the entry of people in it. they ask for ID cards and licenses for their identification before letting them in. they are also required to document every person that goes in and out of the building at the exact time. These types of guards also check the visitors if they are carrying any firearms or weapons. Outside universities and colleges, they check student IDs before letting them inside the campus.

Surveillance services:

Another important responsibility of the unarmed security guard officers is the surveillance checking. these guards monitor the security situations with CCTV cameras and footage. If something suspicious happens they alert the on-duty armed security guards to respond to the situation. They need to stay vigilant and use their discernment when to call for assistance. They are also the ones that rewind and watch the CCTV footage in case of criminal activity.

Fire watch services:

Unarmed security guards also perform the duties of fire watch. Fire watch services are offered by professionally trained security guards that keep a check at the potential fire-causing sources. These officers patrol around the premises looking out and removing the sources that cause a fire. They are trained to respond in case a fire breaks out. They sound off fire alarms, evacuate the buildings, and try to put out fires. They are generally hired in the warehouse and chemical industry where there are more chances of fire erupting.

Maintenance of order:

Apart from prevention of crime and maintaining law and order, unarmed security guards are also hired for the maintenance of order at an event. Public events like concerts and public meetings have a very large crowd. A crowd of more than a thousand people can cause a serious stampede, in which children, older women can get crushed under the feet. So, these security guards make sure that nothing happens that leads to a stampede. If that might cause a disturbance in the crowd, the unarmed security guard is available to disperse the crowd. These guards not only safeguard the people but also protect the buildings and properties.

Personal bodyguards:

Another important service that can be provided by the unarmed security guard officer is the personal body guard’s service. There are many people in San Bernadino that might require a personal bodyguard at their heels. Famous and rich people like celebrities and businessmen often receive security threats because of their popularity. That’s why they hire a personal bodyguard that makes sure of their safeguarding. The bodyguard secures a public place before the arrival of a client, he escorts the client in the public setting, keeps an eye out for suspicious activity around the client. There is no such rule that only certain people can hire a bodyguard, but their fee is so high that only the rich can afford them.

Power to arrest:

The unarmed security guards are not only for the prevention of crimes, they can act as well as respond to certain crimes themselves. They are professionally trained to deal with such stressful situations. They also have the power and license to arrest a criminal and put him in custody until the local police arrive. They have to respond to security situations immediately because a delay indiscretion might result in great losses. However, when a criminal is carrying deadly weapons, it is advised to alert the local police before responding themselves.

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