Security Training

Security Guard Professionals Trained to Perform in all Situations

Direct Guard Service’s security guards are trained to function as the very first line of defense in the protection of your property and organization. Our patrol officers’ skills are developed to observe all of their surroundings and complete thorough reports of all encounters to make sure you will have the necessary paperwork if needed. All of our guards are given state-of-the-art reporting apps in order for them to provide the most current information to our customers in real-time. They’re educated to provide pictures in real-time, when they upload the images not only are they readily available for Direct Guard staff to view, Direct Guard Services provides access to our clients to have the ability to see all reports at any time. As part of our specialized services, you can expect the Direct Guard Services reporting app that’ll enroll real-time digital reporting so clients, like you, can have personalized use of it. Your account manager will work with you to help with getting you set up with our online service.

Qualified Security Services from Armed Guards to Reporting

Our sales staff will aid with defining your needs and requirements for security guard services. This will enable our scheduling team to place the most effective, suited security guard at your site to meet your particular needs. All of our security guards are ample and thorough with their own reporting. Reporting includes pictures and follow up as needed. All Direct Guard Services supervisors are in communication with our security guards to confirm the needs of our customers are consistently being met while being available to answer any questions that our security guards may have. We work hard to guarantee that we function as a well-ventilated system while providing the best service possible. Our operations team works hand in hand with the guards in addition to the clients to substantiate that all of the needs are met as well as all reporting is being done to make sure that our clients can find a way to handle situations as they arise instead of after the fact.

Thorough Training for all Security Guard Services

Direct Guard Services staff and guards are professional and understand the importance of their job and take it very seriously. Our team at Direct Guard Services knows the significance of a security guard that’s thorough and effective. Direct Guard Service’s security guards are selected by our recruitment team. Guards are subject to a comprehensive screening process before being brought on board. Every armed security guards, unarmed security guards, patrol services officer, and supervisor has extensive background checks and all are licensed throughout the BSIS. At DGS we make it our priority to affirm that the security guards are prepared for the task at hand. Once being selected each one of our security guards have been subjected to rigorous training to prepare them to the very best of their abilities for situations they could be faced with. We make it our duty to provide highly capable and thoroughly trained security guards to ensure we offer the very best service possible to our clients and partners.

We make sure our guards have been trained as if they are safeguarding our private property. Our clients and partners are seen as an extended part of our family. Providing excellent customer care is of the utmost value to our entire team. Thank you for putting your confidence in TruGuard to provide you with the very best service possible. 

Training program requirements are to complete our accredited security training courses and to pass a written test for each category.

  • S01 – Arrest Procedures for Security Personnel
  • S02 – Pr-24 Baton Certification
  • S03 – Client Relations / Service Attitude
  • S04 – Emergency Preparedness; Earthquake, Fire and Bomb Threats
  • S05 – Firearm Permits, State Certification Course
  • S06 – First Aid and CPR Course
  • S07 – Hostage Preparedness
  • S08 – Basic Law for Security Officers
  • S09 – Observation Skills and Reporting
  • S10 – Power to Arrest / Guard Card
  • S11 – Report Writing
  • S12 – Security Patrol Procedures, Introduction
  • S13 – Tear Gas, Mace, Pepper Spray / Permit
  • S14 – Union Strike Preparedness
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Direct Guard Services has changed and grown with the present requirements in the security market. Our team here at Direct Guard Services is pleased to have more than 10 years of combined expertise in the security industry.

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