Unarmed Security Guards

Skilled Unarmed Security Guards Service

Direct Guard Services Unarmed Security Guards create a secure presence and are responsible for the defense and security of individuals, possessions, and buildings. 

Our Guards:

  • Patrol the facilities and/or man posts to provide a security appearance
  • Observe suspicious activity or hazards to the property or individuals
  • Survey for criminal activity and respond based on their Direct Guard Services training
  • Outline Daily all activity including but not limited to: all incidents, mishaps, or medical emergencies
  • Responsible for providing reporting entries and incident reports, completed with lucidity and accuracy, promptly.
  • Respond to crisis and calls for service and investigate anything of a dubious nature and/or any suspected criminal activity.
  • Lead the initial investigations into reported incidents happening on the property and submit relevant reports about the examination of occurrence.
  • Make sure property is secured and permit authorized personnel entrance to secured facilities.
  • Function as a customer service representative to all guests and employees.
  • Organize with near-by law enforcement, fire, and disaster management personnel, as necessary.

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    Quality Unarmed Security Guards

    Direct Guard Services is the most tried and tested security service organization in California that provides highly trained unarmed guards services. In various facilities, unarmed security guards are a superb deterrent of crimes like burglary and vandalism. Every client and property have different solutions and we serve every valued customer individually, furthermore, many organizations do not expect violent events occurring on their property. Based on these grounds, a large number of our customers opt for unarmed security in their facility or property.

    Reach out to us today for an unarmed security officer services quote and allow for Direct Guard Services to offer you the peace of mind and convenience you deserve now and in the future, with a tailor-made security service solution that safeguards the individuals and properties you care about most. 

    The truth is most situations do not warrant the need for armed protection and security. Frequently, the presence of an unarmed security officer is adequate to deter criminal activity and maintain the safety of people and the premises. Direct Guard Services offers unarmed Security Services for a competitive price. Direct Guard Services officers are uniformed, professional, and receive the best training available.

    What are the Right Situations to Contemplate Unarmed Security Services?

    All and any medium-sized to big gatherings of people may warrant the need for unarmed security services. Direct Guard Services security officers are present to survey the surroundings and check for dangerous situations. Guards are also able to report any suspicious or criminal activities and generally ensure the safety of your guests.

    • Large private gatherings such as holiday parties
    • Work parties and events
    • Special events like fundraisers, galas, and entertainment venues
    • Town Halls, rallies, and sporting events
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    Unarmed Does Not Mean Unskilled

    At Direct Guard Services, our unarmed security guards receive the same premium quality training as any top guard. We conduct a thorough background check and an in-depth onboarding process. Our guards also receive specialized training relevant to your property, facility, and event before arriving for duty. At Direct Guard Services we use newly developed modern technology (DirectTrack) to make sure our clients receive the best security protection. If you are looking for professional companies providing unarmed security guards for public events or personal protection, call Direct Guard Services at 800-578-2123.

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    Direct Guard Services has changed and grown with the present requirements in the security market. Our team here at Direct Guard Services is pleased to have more than 10 years of combined expertise in the security industry.

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