Uniforms are the First Visual a Security Guard Provides

We offer 3 different discretionary uniforms to accommodate what your needs might be. The first and most common is that the black tactical and will typically be used at most locations. The following is black pants, either dress or tactical, accompanied by a grey security polo. Great for a casual occasion or venue. The last option we offer is a lawsuit followed by a tie and dress shoes. This will fit perfectly for a black-tie event or a gala.

First, our normal uniform is made of black tactical pants, work boots, and a dark security uniform shirt. A duty belt will also be worn. This uniform will be the most often employed. This uniform will be worn by our unarmed security guards, armed security guards in addition to our courtesy patrol services guards. This uniform exudes a kind of authority consequently cutting down the crime prices. Regardless of if your service takes 1 day or nighttime of policy or a place that is insured for 24 hours per day 7 days a week that uniform is an ideal one size fits many.

We have our black pants, either tactical, casual, or dress, black boots or shoes, and a grey polo that states security on it. A black obligation belt will be worn in some types of attire. That is at the client’s discretion. This is perfect versatile apparel for a small gathering, a personal occasion, or an event that you just want security but not a presence that is noticed.

Finally, we offer a suit and tie with dress shoes. It would be an ideal match for some events where a security guard is required but you prefer to allow them to blend in with the crowd.

The Most Professional Uniform Options in the Business

Our sales staff and operations manager will work together with you to establish the best match for your services. We will see to it that all your security needs are satisfied professionally. Our staff will work to ensure your hand-selected security guard is a shining example of excellence within the security area. The Direct Guard Services staff will make it our top priority that all your security requirements are satisfied.

Professional Security Uniform

Uniforms are an essential part of the professionalism a security guard presents. Alone, the simple presence of a security guard can decrease the rate of crime in a place. The guard’s job is to track and watch the property and assets of this habit. A professional look and demeanor can create a huge difference if servicing a client’s property.

Our team here at Direct Guard Services knows that hiring security guard services may be somewhat intimidating for some and we’re here to help. We also know that not every location is alike. Various locations require different apparel. Our staff will work together with you to establish the best match for your location and needs.

Uniform Importance

Being involved with a well-respected and recognized professional security company is truly something to be proud of. Uniforms establish a team mentality which helps in boosting productivity, morale, and organizational pride. Guard uniforms help officers feel like a valued and integral representative of their security company.

Direct Guard Services staff in supervisor roles treat their team of uniformed officers as “officers” rather than “guards” which fosters a higher level of professionalism and motivates officers to live up to the organization’s goals and standards.

Officers who feel like they hold an integral and valued role in the company will have more pride in their position and in completing their post orders at an elite performing level.

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Direct Guard Services has changed and grown with the present requirements in the security market. Our team here at Direct Guard Services is pleased to have more than 10 years of combined expertise in the security industry.

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