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The first person that greets you is a security guard whenever you enter the hospital, either for a regular checkup or during an emergency. Like any other facility center, hospitals are also vulnerable to security breaches. Research indicates out of 100 hospital beds, 56.8% face violent crimes in the USA. The best way to deal with violent crimes in a hospital is by hiring fire watch security services.

Read the below guide to know why we need hospital security guards and how they protect us from violent crimes.

Why do Hospitals Need Security Guards?

In light of security measures, hospitals are “soft targets.” Simply put, soft targets are areas, including crowded facilities such as schools, hospitals, parks, shopping malls, and sports stadiums.

These locations are soft targets since they have multiple access points with limited firewatch guards to patrol and monitor the premises.

In big hospitals, visitors come and go all day. Patients in their most vulnerable unwell state are at higher risk of security threats, harassment, and violent crimes when admitted to hospitals. The unwanted visitors can cause disturbance and stress to patients.

Without security measures, hospitals are uncomplicated spots for stealing medical equipment and personal belongings and targeting patients. Besides, hospitals have sensitive personal data, which security officials should protect.

How Hospital Security Guards Reduce Threats?

Healthcare Fire Watch Security Guard Companies in Orange County are trained to “harden up” the soft targets as hospitals. A comprehensive security plan begins with risk valuation.

During risk valuation, the security personnel looks for susceptible areas such as entryways, exits, lobbies, and other entrance and exit points.

After completing a risk assessment, the security guards establish security measures to enhance the safety of the healthcare institution- even for the employees and patients.

After completing the risk assessments, the fire watch security services perform the following tasks.

CCTV Monitoring:

A security camera system must be a part of a hospital’s security measures. It includes CCTV monitoring, 24/7 patrolling, and collecting evidence.

Security personnel monitor the CCTV footage and look for suspicious activities. The guards are trained intensively to pay attention to detail and identify problem-causing factors.

CCTV monitoring is a powerful tool that helps collect evidence, monitor criminal activities, and limit access to vulnerable areas. The CCTV monitoring security team instantly responds to alarming situations with quick reflexes.

Logistics Security:

Security and surveillance are typically required for more than simply the employees, patients, and visitors. Various deliveries and the storage of pricey and necessary materials keep hospitals busy.

Plans for healthcare facility security should also include logistical aspects. Fire watch security Riverside keeps an eye out for suspicious conduct by watching traffic flow in the parking and delivery areas. The security personnel ensures the expensive supplies reach the hospital safely without any loss.

Access Control:

The quick way to harden the soft targets is by limiting access. Unwanted visitors accessing the healthcare facility department disturb the patients and employees. Security guards restrict access points by only allowing authorized personnel.

The security guards body-check each visitor below, allowing them to enter. Besides, they fix visiting hours instead of allowing them to roam in the hospital whenever they want.

This practice limits the visitors, keeps the patients relaxed, and prevents the chances of robberies, harassment, and other violent crimes.

Background Check:

Checking the background of the staff working in the hospital is crucial. You never know if they might be a part of an illegal group or steal expensive hospital equipment.

San Diego fire watch services check employees’ backgrounds to ensure they meet rigorous standards to provide high-level healthcare facilities to the patients. Employees’ background check includes ID verification, drug screening, criminal check, past employment history, and educational background.

Covid-19 Solution:

Despite the vaccination and frequent restrictions, the Covid-19 virus is still in the atmosphere. Hospital is a place where patients fighting different illnesses are treated.

It is obvious why COVID-19 measures are necessary, given the large number of at-risk individuals passing via medical organizations. By employing thermal fever screening techniques, enforcing policies, and supplying PPE, security services help keep the hazard at a minimum.

Handling Panicking Families:

Sometimes it is hard for patients’ families to hold on to their emotions. The sudden outburst can disturb the environment and stress the patients. That is when the firewatch security guards handle the families when they hear devastating news.

Well-trained security guards are of great help in handling these situations. The security guards handle the families, console them, and prevent them from damaging the hospital property or attacking the employees.


A large number of crowd visiting hospitals increases security threats and make the environment vulnerable for patients and staff. Hire fire watch security services for risk assessments and protect the patients from violent crimes.

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