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Our fire watch security guards are required to login to the fire watch logs every half hour as requested by the fire marshal. The fire log is kept at the property for management and the fire marshal to review. Direct Guard Services, a security guard company in California offers a range of full-service security programs. We provide the following services for fire watch:

  • Make reports as trained to. A written set of patrol in a fire log book supplied either by a client or by Direct Guard Security Service.
  • Patrol the designated areas at least once every half hour.
  • Be thoroughly knowledgeable about the area that the fire marshal designated as fire danger.
  • Guard will stay on duty before they are correctly relieved.
  • Report risks to management.

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    Highly-trained Firewatch Security Guards

    Direct Guard Services offers customized, fire watch services you need to protect your property and personnel.

    Equipped with up-to-date knowledge of risk circumstances and fire watch procedures, our fire watch guards, who are ready to be deployed at a second’s notice, patrol your property. They know the specific hazards to look for and exactly how to react to any sign of a potential emergency. In the event of a fire, our systems establish early warning and quick mobilization to prevent or reduce excess damage.

    With our heavily trained fire watch officers, you can rest assured that you’re safe and in full compliance with the law. Contact us now and get a free consultation.

    Yearly, several commercial and residential complexes are eviscerated by fires. This causes immense destruction to life and property. A fire can be caused by several factors; negligence, lack of awareness, a power outage that bludgeons the fire alarm systems inefficiently, or issues in the sprinkler system. Therefore, it is essential to hire a fire watch service that helps in reducing the possibility of a fire.

    A fire watch is a specialized service aimed at providing exemplary services to clients. The fire watch officers and guards are specially trained and are highly experienced in delivering fire watch services to clients that are looking forward to instilling a fire protection system. Sometimes clients may be willing to get the fire watch protection system due to having problems with their current fire alarm system.

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    Our Firewatch Security Guards are the Best in the Business, We are the Firewatch Security Experts

    A fire watch service is extremely useful when there is a lack of basic firefighting equipment or a fire brigade nearby. A fire does not discriminate and will spread to other flammable areas, it spreads its talons everywhere. Construction sites, hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, concert venues, schools, and hospitals are several examples of where a fire is most likely to occur. It is recommended to hire a certified fire watch provider to deliver, install and monitor safety equipment as they will have more experience in the field and can establish the most accurate security plan conducive to the needs of a customer in the event of a fire.

    Even when all the necessary precautions have been taken, a fire can still occur when it is least expected. Our tried and tested fire watch team can be extremely beneficial at those times. Some of our basic fire prevention methods are:

    Quicker Fire Watch Response Time: Direct Guard Services keeps our fire watch experts on standby to be able to tend to last-minute requests and emergencies. This makes sure a quick and timely dispatch will cater to the needs of our customers in the event of a fire.

    Reduce Client’s Fire Responsibilities: A fire does not occur every day but when it does, it causes a lot of damage. By employing our fire watch services, our customers’ concerns are diminished since they have chosen the best fire watch services around.

    24/7 Fire Watch Protection Services: Our distinguished fire watch team works constantly throughout the week to ensure safety for our customers. Whether it’s a commercial workplace or a residential complex, our team remains vigilant.

    Fire Watch Logs: Our team keeps detailed logs that are accessible to the fire division and the proprietor of the building. Our fire watch officers can create updates in the event of a fire, our Fire Watch Officers will swiftly transmit this data to the nearest Fire Department and its building inhabitants.

    Our Guards

    • Analyze other dangerous situations (water, steam or gas leaks, and power losses)
    • Monitor premises for other safety concerns that could create risk or hinder response time
    • Make sure that entrances and exits are not locked and that fire lane are clear of vehicles or other obstacles
    • Verify that extinguishers, along with other fire or emergency equipment, are fully functional and up to date
    • Maintain a log of fire watch activities
    • Notify the fire department in the event of an emergency
    • Execute rapid, safe evacuation, if necessary
    • Patrol designated buildings and property at specified intervals
    • Check for signs of fire (flames, smoke, burning odors, improperly stored flammable or hazardous materials, and increased temperature
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    DG Security Services Provides Fire Watch Services for:

    • Reception/lobbies
    • Hotels/motels
    • Retail shopping centers and strip malls
    • Hospitals and medical facilities
    • Office buildings
    • Banks and credit unions
    • Research facilities
    • Manufacturing and industrial properties
    • Community centers
    • Apartments and condominiums
    • Warehouses and storage facilities
    • Schools and universities
    • Restaurants
    • Concert Venues
    • Sports Venues
    • Theaters
    • Special events
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