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Direct Guard Services is a San Jose Security Guards partner headquartered in Riverside, California. Direct Guard Services has over 10 years of combined security consulting experience in providing trained security guards, Vehicle Patrol Services San Jose, Unarmed Guard Services San Jose, and special events security. We pride ourselves on complete commitment, integrity, communication, and follow up. Our continuous customer satisfaction and high ratings are a clear indicator of a great track record. Whether you are an employee, vendor, or client, we welcome you as part of our Direct Guard Services family.

The Direct Guard Services team can provide you with the following types of guard/patrol services:

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    • Commercial/High Rise Security
    • Executive Protection
    • Construction Security
    • Apartment/HOA Security
    • A Security Company in San Jose providing campus security.
    • High-Tech Security
    • Shopping Center Security
    • Polygraph Exams
    • Fingerprinting Services
    • San Jose Security Guards

    San Jose and Bay area Security Guard Services

    San Jose is a technology nucleus and business epicenter. San Jose is California’s 3rd largest city and located centrally in the Silicon Valley. With many days out of the year of clear beautiful weather San Jose’s citizens of over one million residents not only work diligently but like to enjoy their free time as well.  With 3 airports in the surrounding area, San Jose is very accessible for residents, business owners, developers, and tourists. San Jose is a truly energetic and practical city.  With all of the business, construction, artistic venues, personal events and retail this location is exactly what Direct Guard Services is here to serve.

    The beautiful city of San Jose has several professional sports teams and a thriving diverse culture. Through bolstering technology and artistic culture, San Jose truly provides a great place to travel and visit. With all the beauty that brings tourism to San Jose, it also opens the opportunity for some to commit property crimes.  Here at Direct Guard Services we are prepared to be your first line of defense against any property crimes for our customers.  It is proven that just having a security guard presence will reduce the chances of property crimes from occurring.  We want to partner with you to be proactive on property crime. At Direct Guard Services we take great pride in assisting your community so it’s not needed to be reactive, we take the proactive measures required to maintain safety and prosperity. 

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    Why Should I Hire a Security Guard

    When it comes to hiring private security, Armed Guard Services San Jose , Fire Watch San Jose, there are many benefits to the service including:

    • Enjoying around the clock protection
    • Deterring a crime from happening in the first place
    • Saving yourself or your business thousands of dollars
    • Having the belief that professionals will swiftly respond in an emergency
    • Providing tenants, clients, your family, and loved ones with peace of mind

    If you are still considering whether or not to hire a security guard services, the Direct Guard Services family would love to help you assess your risk and provide you with objective counsel. Furthermore, you may minimize hardship in your home or business by ensuring the important individuals in your life are in a safe and controlled environment. For more information about our San Jose Security guard and Security Services, call Direct Guard Services at (800-578-2123) today.

    Cities in Santa Clara County where service is provided:

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    Direct Guard Services has changed and grown with the present requirements in the security market. Our team here at Direct Guard Services is pleased to have more than 10 years of combined expertise in the security industry.

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