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When talking about tech you can’t forget to mention the tech capital of the country San Francisco and all organizations have a right to safety. At Direct Guard Services, we’re working to make that happen with a team of customer-oriented, qualified professionals. We’ll arrange and manage reception staff, front-desk security, entry management, and other San Francisco Security Guards for your business and organization, you can make changes to schedules and send guards secure instructions through our management dashboard.

Direct Guard Services sources a unit of security guards with an average of more than four years of experience. Our up to date and modern technology makes it easier than before to find and manage reputable staff to make sure your business’s safety.

San Francisco Security Guards

With Direct Guard Services your business can source, approve, keep an eye on, and manage every aspect of your San Francisco security service solution and personnel needs. We offer security technology (DirectTrack) with a unique experience that puts the security monitoring controls directly in your hands. Take the guesswork out of sourcing security solutions and let Direct Guard Services San Francisco show you how simple it can be.

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    Healthcare Security Guards

    Direct Guard Services is dedicated to providing quality and consistent security services for the San Francisco healthcare community because we know that it’s so much more than simply monitoring foot traffic into your facility. Exemplary healthcare security services ensure the correct handling and confidentiality of patient records as well as monitoring valuable medical supplies and equipment

    Office Security Guards

    The security requirements of San Francisco offices are very distinct. In one of the strongest tech capitals in the world, you need an equally strong security service – that’s Direct Guard Services. In addition to our industry-leading security service technology, we specialize in supporting San Francisco offices with security guards that have years of experience, security training, and support the overall atmosphere of the office environment you would like to create. Let Direct Guard Services San Francisco help you find the perfect security guard solutions for you.

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    Residential Security Guards

    A San Francisco residential building security guard is special in that tenants interact with them daily and perceive them as not just a part of the building staff, but more often than not as part of their daily regimen. This means that the skills to be an effective residential security guard are very specialized and can often be hard to source, luckily Direct Guard Services San Francisco makes it easy. Select from a hand tapered list of specialized residential security guards in the San Francisco area.

    1. Armed Guard Services San Francisco
    2. Unarmed Guard Services San Francisco
    3. Fire Watch San Francisco
    4. Vehicle Patrol Services San Francisco

    Industrial Security Guards

    Security for industrial manufacturing facilities in San Francisco is very specialized,  which is why Direct Guard Services is dedicated to providing unique security solutions for differing situations. The real truth is that there are likely valuable assets and materials on the property within your facility in addition to equipment, staff, and the actual building itself. More often than not industrial facilities require a two-pronged approach:

    (1) An experienced, well-trained industrial security guard and
    (2) Advanced security technology solutions.

    Outdoor Security Guards

    Supplying outdoor security for San Francisco is a unique challenge unlike an enclosed building, there can be big open spaces with entirely different and varied entry points. Also,  large amounts of foot traffic may be coming and going. Those experienced and highly trained San Francisco outdoor security guards will offer the most specific security for your event and outdoor space. That’s where Direct Guard Services San Francisco can help.

    Stadium Security Guards

    When an event is underway and everyone is celebrating your facility, knowing you can trust your venue security goes a long way. Direct Guard Services San Francisco knows how troubling sourcing stadium security guards can be and that’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to find a security service that’s perfect for you. Direct Guard Services stadium and venue security guards have substantial experience and training in securing these particular environments.

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    Direct Guard Services has changed and grown with the present requirements in the security market. Our team here at Direct Guard Services is pleased to have more than 10 years of combined expertise in the security industry.

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