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The Coronavirus global pandemic has affected every aspect of an individual’s life in one way or another. Covid19 is an example of the world’s most dangerous pandemics thus health and safety are important to fight such pandemics. In addition, to adjust to such times security officers would have to develop their strategies. Many guards have been hired by the government, local communities, and even hospitals so that they can help them cope with viral effects. Medical centers or hospitals play an important role in dealing with such pandemics, hence, along with the medical staff having trained security guards at the hospital during a pandemic is very beneficial.

Security Healthcare Team

In managing the admissions of infected people security healthcare teams have been instrumental in assisting the hospitals. The security personnel makes sure that individuals and patients are transported to or from the surrounding isolated areas safely. Moreover, security guards sometimes also fence off specific areas when needed. They also offer network access to various travel paths inside and outside the hospital that they monitor, and also give instructions to the staff and patients. The Security Healthcare team also keeps an eye on the medical staff if they need anything and makes sure the medical staff is in the secured uniform which includes gloves, masks, goggles, and anti-pandemic cloths.

Checking Individuals

We have seen security guards stopping individuals and checking them if they have any unauthorized items but during pandemics, security guards perform dual duties. Firstly, they check individuals for safety purposes, and secondly, they check the temperature if in case the patient’s temperature is high they are sent to other hospital areas which are specially built to keep patients isolated if they have a pandemic. Security guards at the entrance also check if patients are wearing masks and are fully sanitized while entering the hospital.


Ensure That Everyone Follows SOPs

While the medical staff is busy curing the patient security teams ensure that individuals are following the SOPs. They provide instructions to everyone at the hospital to wear a mask and may stop someone if they are not following the SOPs. Security teams at the hospital also ensure that hospitals are being sanitized regularly plus if anyone at the hospital does not have a mask or sanitizer they are provided to them by the security team. Also, the security team makes sure that everyone at the hospital starting from the staff to the patients is at a distance of at least 3 feet and does not allow them to come any closer because this then spreads the virus or pandemic even more.


Restricted Zones

This means that some areas of the hospitals during a pandemic are isolated and secured so that only patients who are affected can be cured and those who are not can be secured from the virus. In this case, security guards or a team is assigned at the entrance and the exits so that patients visiting the hospital that are not infected by pandemics don’t enter those isolated zones. Nonetheless, anyone trying to enter pandemic patient areas is stopped, and if that individual does listen to the guards they have full authority to hold them. Because there are many cases where family members try to break into the isolated zones so that they can meet their beloved once.


Provide Frequent Instructions

The health security team provides daily instructions to the staff of the hospital about the SOPs and security. They make sure that everyone at the hospital follows safety measures. Furthermore, security guards also upgrade the sign boards frequently so that everyone knows about the new security guidelines. These posters or sign boards can be seen at every corner of the hospital, additionally, they are assigned to such tasks because the management is busy performing other tasks during the pandemic.


Security from Hazards during Pandemic

Natural hazards can take place at any time and at any place. The main focus during a pandemic is curing individuals of virus however it is important to have a security team that looks outs for other natural hazards such as fire hazards. Thus, hospital management should make sure that while hiring security guards they must also have a fire watch security at the backup. If any fire incident happens this service will be available to tackle the situation. It is vital to hire fire watch services from fire watch companies because they provide highly trained and qualified fire watch security guards who will monitor the hospital 24/7 and make sure that the hospital is secure from such hazards.

Mobile Services

During the pandemic, many industries closed and lockdown took place in areas with high virus cases. Thus, hospitals needed mobile patrol services for the transportation of viral patients. Keeping their lives at risk these guards ensure that the patients do not interact with someone on their way to the hospital and in case of emergency, mobile patrol guards along with the ambulance team provide first aid to the patients until they reach the hospital.


This has all resulted in the need for more security officers at healthcare institutions, highlighting how crucial the industry has been during this time. Additionally, a lot of people have received training in the finest hygiene practices, and they are working to inform people by outlining the best methods to safeguard their family members and themselves throughout these uncertain times.

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