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While considering hiring security guard services in San Franciscothere will be a point when you have to choose between armed or unarmed security. For a novice like you, both sound the same. In reality, both are different in terms of duty and responsibilities.

For that case, we’ve summed up this guide. In this detailed guide, you will know what both these security guards are & is there any benefit of hiring them? Without further ado, get straight into it!


Understanding the role of armed guards

Have you ever wondered why banks, jewelry shops, and expensive items outlets hire only armed guards, not the unarmed? Well, that’s because of their duty mode.

Armed guards are supposed to protect the location where the crime rate is pretty high. Since armed guards carry a firearm (provided by the company they work in), thieves think twice before doing suspicious activities.

Armed guards are known to handle a variety of situations including, patrolling properties and protecting people. Besides that, the armed guards also set a safe and law-regulated environment to follow by others.

For controlling criminal activities instantaneously, armed guards are allowed to arrest and attack attackers. When to take action and how to make things better, that is armed guards are manipulating in mind.

Some of the duties included in the service of armed security guard include;

  • Communicating with law enforcement
  • Carrying a weapon for self-defense and de-escalation
  • Patrolling a specific area having security risks
  • Preventing illegal access to the area
  • Responding to emergency as soon as necessary
  • Making sure each individual is following the laws and regulations

The benefits you will earn on hiring armed security guard services San Francisco include;


1.     Quick response to crime

Suppose you are having a good day at your business with customers crowding around. Out of nowhere, a group of attackers enters and destroys the environment by spreading threats.

Not you nor your employees can respond to the situation as quickly as the armed security guards do in that scenario.

The armed guards never wait for a mishap to happen. Contrary, they are always ready with their weapons and backup plans to quickly respond to the crime.


2.     High sense of security

Hanging a sign of “No weapons are allowed” is not enough to stop the criminal from committing the crime. They are not kids who will stop when you scold them. The only way to stop the criminals from committing the sinful act is by hiring armed security guard services in San Francisco.


3.     Surveillance

The majority of the armed guards performing in the USA are retired officers from the military. This high-rated employment background gives you the confidence that you are in safe hands.

Since armed security guards perform several tasks like monitoring camera feed, patrolling, and premises, these activities increase the chances of surveillance.


4.     Having them as the first-line defense

The only reason that you’re researching and about to invest in security guard services in San Francisco is that you want someone to protect you from every security risk. While the armed guards protect you from every mishap, you can focus on the strategies to expand your business.


Understanding the role of unarmed security guards

Security guards patrolling around local stores, outside apartments, events, and office buildings with no firearm, only a baton are unarmed security guards. Like the armed security guards, unarmed security guards are supposed to control the crime rate of a particular area.

The place they are performing duty defines their role and responsibilities. For instance, if an unarmed security guard is patrolling a retail store, he is supposed to prevent robbers from entering the store, helping customers in dragging carts, and control the parking mess.

Similarly, an unarmed guard outside an office building is responsible for parking cars, checking every individual entering the office, and keeping spectators away.

Besides these responsibilities, the additional tasks included in unarmed security guards San Francisco services are;

  • Helping the people in their surroundings
  • Patrolling an area to lessen the crime rate
  • Providing first aid to injured
  • Reporting to suspicious activities
  • Implementing the rules and regulations
  • Monitoring security camera feeds
  • Cooperating with safeguard department
  • Protecting valuables in transportation
  • Making daily reports of the patrolling site
  • Controlling parking mess

The utmost reasons for hiring unarmed security guard services San Francisco include;


1.     They are cost-effective

Till now, you might consider armed and unarmed private security San Francisco cost the same. Little did you know, unarmed guards are the picture-perfect option for those who are tight on budget but can’t compromise on security. The rates of unarmed security guards are way more affordable than armed guards.


2.     For peaceful mind

Stressing all day long about security threats, how will you focus on the sales generation? Hire private security San Francisco, and offer yourself a stress-free life. Whether it’s about panicking crowds or criminal attacks, the security guards will handle it all without bothering you.


3.     Your business is a gun-sensitive environment

The majority of the population shares a common mindset: A weapon is crucial for performing security services. Little did they know, some situations are gun-sensitive. Appointing an armed security guard can worsen the situation, instead of improving. Hire unarmed security guards in this scenario to keep the environment calming.


4.     For improving customer support

Customers love seeking help from security guards as they are more comfortable around them than the employees. Besides the security coverage, unarmed guards are also efficient in customer support.

We accept both security guard services San Francisco vary but share one motto, protecting their surroundings. The decision of choice will be tough, but this detailed guide has surely made things easier for you.

Keep your focus around the reasons and benefits of hiring, and you will effortlessly figure out what you need. Lastly, before moving out, drop your feedback in the comment section below!

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