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Uniform is almost the same, both protecting the civilians, then what makes a security guard different from a security officer? Well, you are not the first one pulling his hair out of a confusion between a security guard and an officer performing at the security guard company Los Angeles.


Want to end the confusion? Below is the detailed guide on security guard vs. officer and which one you should opt for.

Role of Security Guard

When leaving your apartment, the person greets you to the person when you enter your office, and lastly, the person welcomes you when you reach home; all these are security guards.


The duty of security guards is all about patrolling, checking checkpoints, providing first aid, keeping the criminal rate in control, and taking care of every activity in the surrounding area.


The security guards work under a security guard company in Los Angeles that decides their duty plans. They can’t perform independently the way they want. Whatever their department decides, they have to follow that.


Security guards can’t arrest any criminal unless their department allows them. The only right they have is to report the department regarding the suspicious activities. In emergency cases, the security guards are not allowed to take any action except to inform the department.


To become a security guard, one needs to complete high school education, firearm training, basic guard training, a license, and a transparent medical background.


Based on the mode of duty, a security guard can be;

  • Vehicle patrol security guard
  • Armed security guard
  • Unarmed security guard
  • Event security guard
  • Personal security guard

The familiar places where security guards perform duty include;

  • Museums
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Parks
  • Private sectors
  • Offices
  • Supermarkets
  • Malls
  • Public events
  • Banks
  • Societies

The security guards are guided to interact with the public, ask them how to help, and provide whatever they need. Since the security guard rank is lower, the requirement rate is pretty low compared to the security officer.


Role of Security Officer

Let us move on to the second category, security officers. As mentioned earlier, security guards are guided by the department about what schedule they need to follow. That is the primary duty of a security officer.


A security officer of the security guard company Los Angeles manages the security plans, guides the guards on dealing with different situations, responds to emergencies, and keeps an eye on the guards.


The rank of a security officer is way higher than a security guard; a security guard stands and performs his duty, security officers roam more frequently to keep the security management smooth.


Besides managing the security plans, security officers train the newly appointed security guards most of the time. From polishing their skills, guiding them how to perform, teaching them new skills, and monitoring their performance, to appointing them their duties, that is what a security officer covers.


Since the responsibilities and duties of security officers are more complex than the guards, the position is on call in the security guard company Los Angeles


To become a security officer, one needs to have the following skills and qualifications;

  • High command over communication;
  • Transparent medical background with high fitness;
  • Professional when it comes to making reports, giving advice, and taking actions;
  • The sense of leadership;
  • High school education degree, firearm training, guard training, license, and experience working with security companies.


A detailed inspection

Since you are clear with the primary difference between security guards and officers performing at the security guard company Los Angeles, check the detailed inspection for an even better understanding.



Salaries are always distributed based on rank level. The security guard is of low rank. Hence, the pay level is also pretty low with no additional facilities. On the other hand, the pay of security officers is high with medical, transport, and residential allowance.


1.     Requirements

Security guards don’t require any additional education or skills to become one. On the other side of the story, security officers require different skills, education, and diplomas depending on the security industry.


2.     License

Be it security guard or officer; both necessitate regulatory license to work as an eligible person in the security guard company Los Angeles. Before earning the permit, they need to pass an initial test and interview.


3.     Promotion chances

Security officers and guards both have high promotion chances despite the responsibilities, duty modes, and pay scale.

Security guards, when promoted from their rank, earn the position of a security officer. A security officer, when promoted, earns the status of patrolling or site supervisor with increased responsibilities.


4.     Training

Basic Security Guard Training (BSG) is must-have training for security guards and officers. When completing this training, guards can apply to any department for an appointment. Talking about security officers, they necessitate management, leadership, on-site, and communication training.


A security guard or officer – Which one to hire?

Even after knowing the difference between both, folks are still confused when hiring one. Well, deciding on whether you should hire a security guard or officer depends on your needs.


If you face security threats and want to make your business environment better, you need security guards. The way security guards patrol and keep their active eyes on every suspicious activity lessen the chances of facing troubles.


On the flip side of the coin, if you already have a team of security guards who are not performing the way they need, hire a security officer to keep them on track.


Aforementioned, the rank of a security officer is higher than the guard. They are more professional, trained, have leadership qualities, and have better strategies to deal with emergencies.


Although the guide is detailed, we hope you’re clear about the difference between security guards and officers performing at the Los Angeles security guard company


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