Armed or Unarmed: What Kind of Security Is Best for Your Business?

February 19, 2022by admin0

Being an executive person of an enterprise, you must worry about the environment you provide to the customers, Armed or Unarmed Guards. You are responsible for the security assets, and no one can make a better decision than you for the organization.

On your way to hire security for your enterprise, you will come across two options; armed and unarmed. If this sounds problematic, then you are at the right place.

This guide will walk you through the difference between armed and unarmed security guards is; which one you should hire for your business.

Armed vs. Unarmed guard- What’s the difference?

You are not alone who is asking the difference between armed and unarmed security guards. The majority of the folks hire security guards without figuring out whether they need armed or unarmed.

Armed security guards are categorized with the presence of the firearm. Armed guards hold a lethal weapon per the rules and regulations of the state. Before reaching this state, they pass through intense pieces of training.

On the flip side of the coin, unarmed security guards don’t hold any lethal weapon; they might carry non-lethal weapons for self-defense. On having armed training, an unarmed guard can promote to the position of an armed guard.

Whether you select armed or unarmed guards, both are dedicated to serving the customers and keeping the surroundings safe. They can go to any extent to save the individuals from the upcoming.

Armed vs. Unarmed guard- Which one to hire?

No one can tell you which one you should hire. You are the only person who can decide on which one is idyllic for your business. Following are the considering factors to make it clear for you.

  • Weapons

The foremost factor that distinguishes an armed security guard from an unarmed is the weapon. Armed security guards are trained and licensed by the state to carry a firearm, while the unarmed not.

If your business is surrounded by customers hire unarmed security guards for monitoring. The firearm armed guards hold might frighten the customers, which is not suitable for your business’s reputation.

However, if you hire guards outside the building, armed security guards are good to go with.


  • Level of threats

Suppose you run a retail store and encounter shoplifting and missing items every day. It is the initial level of security threat and can be handled by unarmed guards. Unarmed guards will patrol the location, preventing shoplifting.

Since the unarmed guards don’t carry any weapon, they give a professional look to your business. Customers and employees feel more ease around unarmed security guards.

Contrary to it, if you run an enterprise or regulate valuable assets like jewelry, you need armed security guards to handle the high-level security threats.

Armed security guards will respond quickly to emergency and security attacks, making sure everyone is safe and secure. Another best part is, the firearm security guards hold serves as a warning against criminals.

A security guard standing all proud but with no weapon might not seem terrifying. But a guard even passing but holding a firearm can shake your legs.


  • Budget 

Since you are hiring security guards, you need to decide what your budget range is. Even you can guess the cost of both.

As the role of unarmed security guards is not as such, they are affordable to hire and are an exceptional choice for small businesses. Reports have shown hiring unarmed guards boosts customer support and generates more sales.

On the other hand, armed security guards are costly and are best for financial departments, enterprises, and large businesses.


  • Potential crimes

Not only the presence or absence of a firearm categorizes the performance of the security guards, but also their experience and training.

Armed security guards can deal with potential crime more effortlessly than unarmed security guards do.

Remember, an unarmed guard doesn’t have the authority to take legal actions and arrest the criminal like the armed security guard. An unarmed security guard can only inform the department about the uprising and prevent attendees go near the spot.

Hire armed security guards if your business face potential crimes like robberies, harassment, burglary, rape, kidnapping, and arson.

One thing is definite, not hiring security guards only worsens the situation and nothing more. Hire security guards per your business need and type. Whether you hire armed guards or unarmed, make sure you shake hands with a reliable company to not drop the performance and put your business at risk.

Also, think about the experience your customer will experience on hiring armed or unarmed security guards. Of course, their satisfaction is the key to a stable business.

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