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Everyone believes they won’t be a home invasion victim, but this is not always the case. Thieves break into thousands of homes daily, but many of these crimes might have been avoided by taking a few straightforward steps.

An essential aspect of house ownership is home security. It would help if you took precautions to protect your home because it serves as a haven for you and your family and is also where your kids play and where they sleep. You can also look into various technical solutions, such as motion-activated camera systems and sophisticated burglar alarms. You should also ensure that your windows and primary doors have deadbolt locks.

How Does a Burglar Scope Out a Home?

The front of your home is where burglars start their search for security gaps. A possible intruder will search for indications that you aren’t concerned about security, such as single-cylinder or Yale locks on your doors or a lack of window bolts. Additionally, they check for obvious errors like keys left in rear doors or window latches with the keys already inside.

If you leave ladders and other tools around, they might attract a burglar. They will also examine the security of any sheds or garages. Our poll of ex-burglars revealed that they preferred to target detached homes. Many people believe this is because it is so simple to get.

Terraced homes are more challenging. Numerous fences make it difficult for a burglar to make a hasty getaway out the back, where more people may be present. They will also think about whether you are disregarding their access point.

Once thieves have decided on a particular property, they frequently scope it out. Thus, it is essential to have a security guard service or a proper home security system to prevent burglaries in your house.

What are Some Home Security Ideas That You Should Consider?

The most critical factors in deterring criminals from entering your home are the fundamentals: Lock all of your windows and doors.

Although it might seem obvious, the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that no-force entry accounted for 27.8% of all burglaries in the United States in 2006. Accordingly, the burglars entered through an unsecured door or window in more than 607,000 thefts that year. Besides these essential tips, here are some other home security ideas that you should consider.

1) Purchase a security system

Securing your doors and windows is a brilliant place to begin since no-force intrusions accounted for nearly 30% of thefts in 2006. Nevertheless, it also implies that the remaining 70% of burglaries that year were forcible or efforts that ended with the burglar being apprehended.

One of the best ways to secure your home from burglars is to hire a firm to install alarm systems for homes or taking help from a security guard service. There are several different alarm system kinds from which you can select. It would help to consider the features offered before buying a wireless alarm system. Other methods are more advanced, although they can necessitate expert surveillance camera installation. Additionally, the owner of regional alarm system businesses can set up some straightforward plans.

2) Proper Security lighting

Outdoor lights are an excellent way to make sure a thief is more noticeable, which can help deter them, whether manually switched on or activated by movement. Typically, the price of a single bulb ranges from £8 to $100. However, if your home is next to a road, be sure to point these downward to avoid annoying your neighbors and to ensure they won’t light into other drivers’ eyes.

The main goal of indoor lighting is to provide the impression that someone is home even when nobody is. Costing as little as £5, you can use timers to switch on and off lights throughout the house, TVs, and radios. Just be sure they are coordinated across your home, for example, by switching off the light 5 minutes after the television.

3) Wi-Fi-enabled security cameras for homes and CCTV

You’ve probably read news stories about thieves and doorstep pirates getting caught on camera. One home security measure that serves as a deterrence and a tool for obtaining justice is this one. You can purchase surveillance cameras that are a component of an entire home security system or employ cameras that operate alone.

Regardless of the route you take, we advise using a security camera with a mobile app so you can view footage in real-time and store it in case you ever need to contact the authorities. Take preventative steps to safeguard your webcams from hackers as well.

4) Install a fence to deter burglaries

Ideas for garden fences are a fantastic defense against house invasion. Choose tall, difficult-to-climb walls for the backyard and rear garden. It is more probable that an intruder will try an easy mark if the entrance to your property is difficult. By placing plastic spines on top of the fence, you can increase the level of security. Although it may be enticing to use nails or glass, you don’t want to put yourself in a position where a burglar sustains injuries and attempts to sue you.

According to Direct Guard Services, investing in “eyes and ears” is a tried-and-true security strategy, regardless of how sophisticated the home security system may be. Your home will be twice as secure withDirect Guard Services CCTV and alarm surveillance systems without costing twice as much. After a crime takes place, only then the traditional video surveillance systems are applicable. Direct guard uses a live virtual guard agent to monitor and analyze your camera streams. The security officer will use our integrated on-premise sound system to try to discourage any possible threats and may escalate the situation to local law authorities if necessary.

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