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Protecting people, property, and business assets from possible threats are some of the many duties that a security officer has to do. Though, the job description of a security officer would vary depending on the client requirements, the work setting they are stationed in, and the type of guard they are, their main duties would focus mostly on making sure that all possibilities of crime taking place are eradicated. A security force that is vigilant will deter criminals who often have intentions like that of vandalism, cyber-attacks, physical violence, sabotage, or terrorism. They are a huge assistance to the law enforcement of the country and the region, because it is a possibility that without their help the local authorities might be completely overwhelmed with the occurrences of crimes. Security guards are able to keep the crimes from escalating, till the authorities arrive, they are usually known to do a major chunk of the job for them.

Usual Duties of Security Officer

Although, it can be pretty exciting to work as a security officer sometimes, typically the job description of a security officer would emphasize the significance of routine and consistency. For example, a security guard’s duty would be to lock the doors once everyone has left, watch hours’ worth of surveillance footage, monitor the alarms, and patrol quite areas. Usually security guards would look for signs of any suspicious activities around the property, listen for any unfamiliar sounds within a locked building, and also draw up daily reports to give to the managers of the company. If any incident occurs, like an attempted break in the security officers would immediately make a citizen’s arrest and then call the police. In more serious instances the security guard is required to call the police immediately and request back up as well. They will be the ones to provide the witness testimony in court against the suspect.

Enforcing Public Safety

Around 1.1 million people tend to work as security officers within the United States, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The society would directly benefit from the presence of security officers within the private residences, and densely public areas. These places are typically the airports, casinos, correctional facilities, schools, colleges, hotels, concerts, apartments, gated communities, malls, etc. The role of the security guard would be to keep a watch over all the aspects of the space to make sure that nothing is out of order, and that there are not odd uprisings taking place. In case there is a fire or any criminal attack the security guards will have to work with the police and fire fighters to make sure that the scene is completely secure and order is being maintained.

Preventing Criminal Activities

A keen capability to observe any situation and pick out a possible problem is one of the major requirement of a security guard job. They will have to spend a considerable amount of time looking through security cameras, as they perform safety audits of the facility, conduct surveillance, and also investigate circumstances that look suspicious. Usually the security personnel are doused in company uniforms, however sometimes they are also dressed in civilian clothing in order to catch shoplifters. Those who are proficient in technical skills can also work with cybersecurity in order to make sure that no online data is being breeched, since this can cost the business massively. Their goal is reduce any opportunities for criminals to act out their malicious motives

Helping the Public

Working with public is also part of the security officer job description. Though, it comes secondary to preventing crime it is still important. A lot of jobs encompass greeting several people, giving directions to visitors, and redirecting individuals who seem to be lost or have entered an unauthorized region, such as staff only rooms or concert backstage. The security guard would need to have excellent communication skills and relay their message across to the customers in a polite and friendly manner. They might even give presentations to students on protecting belongings and personal safety.

Hiring professional security guards can bring a multitude of positive impacts to your corporation. There are different types of organizations around the world that would need security guards, and each client would have their own requirements of security guards. Unfortunately very few business owners really understand the benefit of hiring security guards.

Benefits of Hiring Security Officer

Here is a list of businesses that would benefit from hiring security guards, and if you are working in one of these industries then you might need to get in touch with a professional security provider immediately:

Hospitals Security Guard

After-hours medical care facilities and emergency health centers can certainly benefit from hiring security guards since there are various types of people who come and go. Things can get pretty hectic and crowded, which makes it difficult for the hospital staff to be able to keep track of people. People can experience emotional and physical distress which might take certain personnel to handle. Other than that, people usually get visitors and so you want to make sure that all hospital visits are looked after so that no troublemaking can take place.

Schools Security Officer

As unfortunate as it is, with the number of mass shooting occurring these days, along with bullying, in schools it has become more and more important to hire security guards. You want to make sure that your students feel safe, and so do their parents when sending them off to study. This will be achieved when you place highly trained security guards around the premises ensuring safety. It would be preferable to hire unarmed guards, however placing armed guards here and there would be advisable too, especially in case of mass school shootings.

Bars and Nightclubs

Bars and clubs are usually hot spots during the weekends and since people are constantly drinking, chances are they are going to lose control of their inhibitions. This can give way to brawls which can possibly turn fatal as well. They are usually a hot spot for trouble and are in dire need of security guards.

Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Any organization that deals with a lot of money on a regular basis has to make sure that they are devoting a significant budget to their security needs. This is especially true if they are currently located within a high crime area and so they will benefit massively from hiring security guards. Usually, banks and other financial institutions are highly susceptible to crimes and are often targets to criminals, and so hiring armed guards can put them at ease.

Construction Sites

It is pretty common for construction sites to get robbed, or vandalized. They usually hold heavy machinery, and inventory both of which are incredibly valuable. This is why it is so common of these areas to get looted. Other than that, construction site workers are usually getting injured or in trouble with all the complicated machinery on site, and so they need someone who can help look out for all these dangers. You can hire guards to work in shifts and they will make sure that nothing is out of order, even when the site is completely empty.

However, it is necessary you make sure that you are hiring security guards from a well-known security provider, since they invest heavily in training and educating them in matters of safety

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